You’ll get access to unlimited marketing jobs, sure. But let’s be honest – unlimited can be scary. With so many options, how do you know what to do next? Heck, where do you even start?

If you're an experienced business owner who's been around the marketing block, using your MyMarketingPass membership is simple: you'll see right away how it gives you the freedom to start checking off those tasks you’ve been needing to get done for a while. But if you're setting up your marketing for the first time – or you just want us to give you a plan to follow – don’t worry, we can do that.

Not only does MyMarketingPass come with unlimited marketing deliverables, but we've created a clear, step-by-step roadmap for new members to hit the ground running. So if you're new, and you want to follow along with our program, here's exactly what to expect.…

It’s most common for new members to want to redo their branding and website, because the choices you make now will affect everything that comes after. These core statements about you are extremely important ways for you to be seen in the world – that's why businesses often spend $5,000. $10,000, $15,000 or more to get their branding done professionally.

We've broken this complex process down into manageable steps for you. Here is an exact guide to follow that will ensure you get the desired result. Of course, you may not need all of these pieces done for you. But if you are building or rebuilding your brand for the first time professionally, you’ll need to request  many or most of the following jobs:

Day 1:

Put in logo request

Create offer sheet 1 (Core Offer)

Create offer sheet 2 (Lead Magnet)

Request coaching appointment 1 

Request coaching appointment 2 


Day 5-6:

Review logo designs 

Send logo back for revision

Request Color Study

Request Font Study

Day 8-9:

Approve Logo Design

Approve Color Study

Approve Font Study

Complete offer sheet 1 (Core Offer)

Complete offer sheet 2 (Lead Magnet)

Create Design new home page

Create Offer sheet 3 (Upsell)

Request coaching appointment 3

Day 12-14:

Approve home page / Send to development

Request design new web page (Service page)

Request design new web page (Contact us page)

Request design new web page (Blog page)

Request writing home page

Request adding Facebook Pixel to new site

Request adding Google tag pixel to new site

Day 18-20:

Approve / Send to development Service Page

Approve / Send to development Contact Us Page

Approve / Send to development Blog Page

Request writing Service Page

Request writing Contact Us Page

Request writing Blog Page

Request Blog Writing 1

Request Social Media Monorail 1

Request coaching appointment 4 (Prospecting)

Request coaching appointment 5 (CRM & Automation)

Request new webform (home page lead capture) 

Request lead magnet popup built

Request lead magnet webform setup to lead magnet campaign

Day 22-25

Approve Home Page

Approve Service Page

Approve Contact Us Page

Approve Blog 1 (Update to new site)

Request setup CRM / Pipeline

Request prospecting automation campaign 1 built

Request prospecting automation campaign 1 email written 

Request CRM DKIM setup

Day 25-30

Put your first campaign into action

Start planning what you want to do next!

Our first-month roadmap helps you get a feel for using our system, as you focus on the task at hand and give us your feedback and approval at each step. 

And along with that experience, you can expect to get a new logo, a professional brand guide, and a new website with fresh copy, all in your first month. 

That’s a tremendous value for only the price of your membership. For the majority of businesses starting their journey with us, the creative assets we design for you during this month become the strong foundation for everything else we build going forward.

If you are an agency and you are using your MyMarketingPass membership to help you produce more creative to your clients, the deliverables we make for you will be different. But the process will be the same: Focus on one job at a time, give your feedback at each step, receive tremendous value.

In month two we can start focusing on adding additional offer pages and creating new content to begin generating traffic. Building your lead pipeline, designing lead magnets, and so much more – that's all part of the unlimited value of MyMarketingPass!