MyMarketingPass views your offer's target audience as an ongoing process that develops as you market to them and learn more over time. For the process of creating an effective Offer Sheet, you can use wider generalizations to map out a particular market segment without diving too deep and letting us get distracted from completing the offer sheet in the short term so you can have the team get to start creating you great webpages, automation, copy, and more. 

Ideally, this offer sheet (and every offer sheet) should have a respective target audience sheet completed to define the Key Target Behavior Indicators needed to drive effective traffic. Of course, for the sake of getting the rubber on the road, it's perfectly ok to move forward with a tentative target audience defined, and circle back to fully complete an Audience Sheet, so don't dwell on specifics if you are working through this Offer Sheet for the first time. Here are some basics you could include to help dial in on the right details to make this offer attractive:

Demographics: Who they are 

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What gender are they predominantly?
  • What is their job title?

Psychographics: How they are thinking

  • What are their values?
  • Do they have group affiliations?
  • Are their political or spiritual consistencies?


Behavioristics: What their life is like

  • What are their challenges?    
  • What are they proud of?
  • Have they used a service like yours before?
  • What scares them?


Your target audience can be distilled into a collection of many data points used strategically, so the more we can define the audience, the better we collectively will be in creating content that speaks to them, shouts to them, or even gets their attention without anyone else noticing. If you'd like to learn more about defining your audience including these found here in a great solution article entitled "What is a Target Audience". If you need guidance in what data points can be useful for your Offer Sheet field, please take a look as it provides a great overview without going too deep to get lost in the subject. 

These details are the difference between 6 or7 figures in real revenue, in the long run, so please don't be too hasty to skip this information. The dollars are definitely in the details, maybe here more than anywhere else where even a slight advantage over your competitor's ads can equal serious sales.

Once you have a general map of your target audience for this specific audience, let's move on to one of the most influential of the areas of the Offer Sheet Exercise, the Offer Value Proposition... Click here, Let's Goooo!