Every offer needs an official title, but believe it or not, this can be the most difficult field in the Offer Sheet exercise. If you've had several unofficial ideas or concepts in progress for the proper name of this offer up till now, this is the time to pick your official title, even if it's only for the near future.

Your Offer Title can be something literal or abstract or representational. The important thing is that it leaves the right impact on your audience when they hear it.


  • Executive Coaching Package
  • Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Training 101


  • Legacy Consulting Unlimited
  • Shades of Leadership


  • Atlas Executive Coaching Program
  • Another Seat at the Table Diversity Workshop

Any of these approaches can make for a great offer title. Just be careful to stay pretty close to clear associations that the average consumer of your offer will understand at first glance. 

Don't let a desire to work a specific term, phrase, or word into the title derail you by adding confusion to an otherwise powerful offer. Your audience wants to connect to the product on a level that satisfies the part of their brain they're using to make their purchasing decision. Here's an exercise that might help. Picture a person who would want to take this offer, then picture the emotional or logical influences that drive them. That might help you think of an offer title they would respond to. But if that doesn't give you a name, you don't have to stress. Just complete the rest of the Offer Sheet exercise and you'll likely come up with the perfect idea along the way.

With your offer title is in place or at least in progress, it's time to lay in the official description. Click here to keep going!