Your MyMarketingPass portal is great for lots of things but larger files like videos or design source files may be too cumbersome to easily upload to the ticket itself just by attaching it...

So how do you get these large files to MyMarketingPass so we can deliver amazing work for you? It's easy, you have two great choices...

1. Use your MyMarketingPass Google drive to create a folder where you upload all of your files. Once you upload those files to Google Drive, simply share the link to the folder in the ticket so MyMarketingPass can get to all of your stuff all in one place. If those files are videos, make your new folder in the video section. If those files are images, make your new folder in the graphics section. If those are brand-related files like logo source files or company assets, please upload them in the Assets folder for future use on other requests. And if you have a collection of files relating to a project, you can always create a new file in your folder, name it whatever you're calling the project, and provide that link in your request:

2. Use a third-party drive option like Dropbox, Weshare, or the file transfer platform of your choice to upload your files and provide the share link from that system in the ticket. If you are using this option, please double-check that your link is open and editable by checking it in an incognito or private browser. If the link won't open incognito, it likely won't open for MyMarketingPass to access.

Remember, this system is made to make things easier for you, so if there are special arrangements you need to discuss or if you just need some help, don't hesitate to reach out and the MyMarketingPass team will do everything possible to help you. :)

Your friend in marketing,

-Sales Guy