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MyMarketingPass Cookbook Recipes are written under the assumption that you will be using MyMarketingPass for every ingredient, but of course, some of our members prefer to handle certain steps themselves, so please feel free to use your membership only for those steps that you need help with.

Are you an expert or business that wants to take existing products and elevate them into irresistible offers that are easy to drive traffic to, sell, and deliver?

If so, you need to turn your expertise into an exceptional offer with everything it takes to prospect, sell, and receive payment as soon as possible. You're going to need a few basics, but hopefully, thanks to your years of experience plus everything you already know about your standing offers, you're already prepared.

  • First, we're going to define your offer down to its basics so that we can design a sales experience that speaks to your unique value proposition. This is the part that will take the most input from you, because we're defining the most important details that only your expertise can illuminate.

  • Then we are going to develop the basic assets surrounding this offer, so that you can begin to drive traffic. In this step, MyMarketingPass can take your hard work and run with it to create great assets that exude your brand – all it takes is your feedback on the assets.

  • Finally, we are going to set the foundation for developing a robust system that takes people through your process. This part takes involvement from both parties, but the better your offer sheet details are, the less work you'll need to do here, because the follow-up emails, page copy, and everything that needs to exude your value proposition will all be as effective as possible.

Just follow these easy steps If you already have pieces of this recipe in place. Just check that piece off and move on:

1. Complete Offer Sheet

    Your offer sheet defines the specific data points that will inform the rest of the design and copywriting behind your offer throughout your funnel. Your offer sheet starts with you, and – full disclosure! – you may find that it's the most difficult part of your journey, because it makes you define details in black and white when you may never have done before. Luckily, once this is done, you'll be positioned to get the rest done at warp speed. Learn how to get fresh Offer Sheets instantly here, and to find out more about completing your sheet if you need help.

2. Submit Landing Page design ticket

    Once your Offer Sheet is in hand, you're ready to submit your Landing Page design request. All you need to do is answer the quick questions in the landing page request ticket and provide the link to your Offer Sheet, and you'll have your design in progress in less than 15 minutes. You can expect your landing page designs back for your notes within 3 to 4 business days. Click here to get started.

3. Map out your fulfillment / Upsell plan

    Your offer sheet includes a list of deliverables that your new customer should be getting, and it's likely that includes at least several emails and maybe a nurture sequence – possibly even another call to action that pushes them to another sale. In this step, you will map out this process clearly, using a sketch or diagram so that it can be used later to develop your automation sequence and create the necessary content. If you've never mapped a sequence or would just like some help, this would be a great time to request a coaching call for this exercise – if you're ready and you've completed steps 1 and 2, get yours by clicking here.

4. Build fulfillment / upsell campaign in your CRM

    If you act quickly, you can get your fulfillment plan mapped out and actually send it in for construction in your CRM system before your landing page is back for your review. Getting your campaign sequence built is as easy as answering a few questions and providing your map. Once you have your Fulfillment / Upsell plan complete, you should be able to put in a request in 15 minutes or less to get your sequence built. And you should have it back and ready to be filled with your email content in 2 to 5 business days, depending on the level of complexity. Sales Guy will be in close contact if he has any questions that need your illumination. Ready to get your campaign built? Bring your fulfillment plan and click here. 

5. Reply to Landing Page design ticket for revisions

    If you've completed all of the previous steps in order, then the landing page design ticket should be back for your review next. You'll have at least two different versions to choose from. You can pick the one you like best and would like to continue to develop, or if neither is in the ballpark, please just give your feedback in the ticket on what isn't working for you, and Sales Guy will use that information to bring you new designs from scratch. Most often members will like one of their submissions but will have some ideas about adding or changing sections, which is a healthy part of the collaboration process. You can always submit a video response with your comments on any ticket if that's easier for you - we don't want this process to take more than 15 minutes of your time. (In this phase we don't worry about any of the copy or text being correct. We'll either use temporary copy from your old site or lorem Ipsum as a placeholder, because it's much easier to design where the headlines and text go, and then fill in the real copy after the design has been turned into a live site.  

6. Approve landing page design and send to development

Once you're done revising and the page design looks great, you're probably going to be incredibly excited to see it turned into a live offer page! Getting the website programming and development started is as easy as replying to the Landing Page design ticket and saying you'd like to develop that page. Or you can submit a fresh request by clicking here, whichever is easier for you. The process of sending your landing page into development after you have it designed should take five minutes or less, and you'll have it back for review in 3 to 6 business days, depending on the complexity of the development.

7. Add product to your eCommerce platform

In order to sell your offer or product, you'll need to add it as a line item into your eCommerce platform so that it can be added to an order form that will appear on the webpage itself. This may sound a little complicated, but creating an offer in the system and creating an order form to host your product are two different things, and you'll likely need both. Have MyMarketingPass add your product to the eCommerce platform of your choice by answering a few questions here. 

9. Create Orderform/Webform to connect landing page to CRM with tag

As soon as you put the request to get your product uploaded to your eCommerce platform you can also put a request to get that product loaded onto an Order form so that it will get done as soon as the product is up and that way its off your plate. If you have your product uploaded or in progress, start an order form in less than 5 minutes, just click here.

10.  Submit a request for writing the landing page copy

It's likely you don't want to write your web page copy and would like it professionally done. If that's the case it's as easy as submitting a request after your webpage is live along with your offer sheet and MyMarketingPass will be able to craft you some great copy that will . This could take as long as 2-4 days depending on how strong the offer sheet content is and the extent of the landing page design requirements. 

11. Revise the live landing page  

After your page design is turned into your live page there are likely going to be at least a few small changes in the design or in the addition of things like animation. Revising your pages is easy with our Rapid Response system where you can draw on the screen or reply in the ticket to make your landing page perfect. This can include updating copy, changing images, adding motion or parallax, or more. 

12. Publish landing page to live site

Web pages are often developed on hidden domains until they are ready to be moved to their final destination and depending on your answers when you submitted your web page for development, your page may neet to be published to it's correct domain. If you aren't sure about whether your page needs to be moved, look at your development domain link in your ticket and see if it looks correct. If it's anything other than the ready link domain you'd like to be sharing with leads, it's very likely it needs to be moved. Luckily with a simple ticket submission, you can have MyMarketingPass move your page to its proper domain address. You can reply to your web page development request in progress to get your page moved or you can start a new request by clicking here. 

13. Install tracking pixels

Pixel tracking allows you to start building user data and creating an audience for retargeting. You may want your Facebook Pixel, your Google Tag Manager, and others added to your page. If you have proper access to your Facebook account and the other required platforms, getting a world-class pixel install is easier than ever before with your MyMarketingPass account, simply click here to start a new request to have your tracking pixels installed.

14. Finalize Copy

The copywriting can often get better the longer the team sits with it and It's not uncommon for the copy on a new webpage to be fluid up until the last minute. Even though you'll always be able to tweak the copy until perpetuity, it would be good at this point to lock the text in at least temporarily until you get data from your visitors to do any further tweaks.

15. Test and troubleshoot the system

You don't want to start running traffic to an offer before you've tested it and you've experienced the different functions yourself. Put your system through its paces and verify each email if possible to make sure they are doing what you want them to do.

Congratulations! You have a new offer funnel that's ready to start driving traffic to! This is a huge milestone and you should be proud. 

Ready to start driving traffic? Get started here.