"You Want" statements are incredibly useful when writing compelling copy for an offer because it helps you get inside the mind of your audience. 

"You want" statements are intended short, clear, and reflect the desire of something they wish they had...

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs this offer and make declarative statements from their perspective: 


  1. You want... to stop losing sleep over whether you will be able to retire
  2. You want... to spend less time on marketing and more on the things you love to do
  3. You want... to feel more confident when you speak in public
  4. You want... fresh, premium local seafood supplied for your restaurant
  5. You want... your employees to stop wasting so much time on IT problems
  6. You want... to reduce your employee turnover 
  7. You want... to improve your relationship with your husband
  8. You want... to smile without worrying about people judging your teeth
  9. You want... a community of faith-based writers that understand what you are going through
  10. You want... to learn how to protect your money so that you can retire on your terms

It's common for most offers to have 6 or more "you want" statements so don't hold back, the more you have, the better MyMarketingPass can create great content on your behalf. 

We're always going to be using our professional insights to make you great stuff, but let's be honest, nobody is going to know the target audience for this offer better than you...

Next, you're going to define what this offer will help your target Achieve & Avoid!

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