MyMarketingPass can write great blogs, speeches, video scripts, emails of many flavors, and much more for your business. But sometimes you'll hear us ask for your "Points of Expertise." What does that mean?

Your Points of Expertise are the things that only you would know as an expert in your field. These are usually relevant to a specific subject pertaining to a blog post or other piece of content that we are creating on your behalf. When we ask for your points of expertise, we're asking you to share with us some of the facts in your head so that we can better editorialize and write content that reflects you. Without your expert knowledge, the content risks feeling flat, and we don't want that! We want to communicate the unique spark that represents the experience and mastery you truly have over your topic.

We take your ideas, experiences, concepts, processes, and more and turn them into powerful marketing content — and until Sales Guy masters mind reading, you'll need to give us the facts it takes to write on your behalf.

So what is it you should provide as points of expertise?

Things that only someone with your expertise would be able to provide:

1. Unique perspectives or philosophies - This type of information helps us to know what your core values, claims, beliefs, arguments and standpoints are and why you believe the way you do. Knowing this information also helps us to be able to create content that helps you stand out above your competitors. 

Please back your perspectives and philosophies with as much examples and reasons as possible. You don't want your perspectives and philosophies to sound like they are just opinions or that you're making statements that are outlandish. We'll be able to help you build trust with your audience by using such examples in the content that we create. 

2. Order of operations or process - This is the set of people, process and technologies that you use for strategically planning, creating, managing and analyzing the different types of content throughout your entire business. Even if you don't have a system that's all organized and strategic or complete, you have some form of people using some process and technology to come up with some kind of content. By knowing your FAQs, common misconceptions, etc. we can create in your style, voice and companies' way of doing things .

3. Places where mistakes are often made related to this topic - Where do you often find mistakes and mess-ups? We can better create content that will help avoid or reduce these mistakes. 

4. Frequently asked questions related to the topic - List the most commonly asked questions that you get from people. Your FAQs will help us know your products and services better and to know what your audience usually ask about them. 

5. Common misconceptions related to this topic - What are some of the top misunderstandings that people often have. Knowing your most common misconceptions will assist us in creating content that clearly explains so that misunderstandings can be avoided. 

6. Your favorite ways to do specific things related to this topic - What are some of most fave ways and specific things that you and/or your team do regarding this topic? We can follow suit and highlight these.