"Does your business have a website?" -Most People

If you are not a professional marketer or have been involved in marketing projects in the past you may not know the difference between a website, a webpage, and a landing page. You may even think these three terms are used interchangeably.  But as a professional who needs to make their marketing to be effective, it's important that you at least know that there is a difference and that you likely need at least one of each of them.

A website is a collection of web pages. Almost always centralized by a home page with a specific domain. They can be very robust with hundreds of indexed pages or just a home page with a "contact us page". Most websites fall somewhere in the middle with a home page, service page, about/info page, and a contact us. 

Websites are often identified by having a root domain such as https://MyMarketingPass.com/

Web pages are the individual pages of a website, not the site itself. Easy thought of as the basic units, that together with others make up a larger website. They can have many different purposes and range the whole span of the digital universe - there are pages that do and about almost everything.

They are usually identified by having a domain with a tail after the main domain name: www.YourDomain.com/XYZ Such as in https://MyMarketingPass.com/animation/

Landing Pages are used specifically for getting someone to do something specific. and are often built on separate domains that people purchase specifically for the purpose of driving traffic.

Landing Pages can be built on a website, but traditionally are set on their own domain so as to take advantage of a domain with a catchy or memorable name like www.TheBookOnSalesAndMarketing.com, which started as a landing page and then had additional pages built onto it as the need grew. 

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Your friend in marketing,

Ashley Wilkes