Building stunning websites is one of our favorite things to do at MyMarketingPass. We've developed a process that allows our members to get world-class websites that their future customers will love – delivered more efficiently and, just as important, less costly than anywhere else. It's what we do!

If you have never developed a website before, it's important to know the difference between a website, a webpage, and a landing page.

"Website" is a term for a collection of multiple web pages, connected by a "homepage." Because every website is just a collection of pages, we make the process most efficient by developing them page by page.

When starting with a fresh website build or a redesign of an existing page, start by requesting a New Website Design from scratch:



Your website will have a homepage and satellite pages. You'll likely have offer pages, maybe even shop pages for ecommerce. 

Your purpose influences your design, and your design influences your copy.

That's why it's good to request your homepage design first. Once you've settled on that design, you'll be ready to move forward.

Step by Step instructions to getting a brand new website from MyMarketingPass

A finished website used to take months and cost thousands of dollars, but not with your MyMarketingPass account. The following steps will ask you to explain a bit of your expertise and insight to us. That gives us all we need to build a lightning-fast website that you'll be proud to show off to everyone. 

Together, let's aim for getting your new website up in running in less than 30 days.

Let's Start With the Home Page:

1. Enter request for new website design

2. Get request back with multiple styles to choose from

3. Choose one of our designs or have us go back to the drawing board

4. Once you like the design and have the sections you want, let's start a new request to get your new design into a living, breathing webpage.

Now Let's start getting some of the other pages done:

1. Decide which is the next page you'd like to develop

2. Submit a ticket to have that next page designed.

3. Once you like its design, request copy for that page.

Repeat until you have every page you want -- and now you've got a website!

Lucky's Pro Tip: Doing a great website is not the same as doing a just-okay website. And we're totally here to help. So when you're ready, request a coaching session to go over all your pages with one of our expert coaches. We're  excited to have your help!