FACT:  Although all marketing projects are unique to their audience and company, each with its own special details – almost without exception, every single project includes three primary stages: 

Concept, Content, & Construction. 

  1. Concept: In this first stage, it’s common to map out the project step by step from the viewpoint of both your consumer and anyone who will be operating important pieces on behalf of your organization. The more information you plan upfront, the faster your project can be completed. Start by covering these basic questions:

  1. What are we trying to achieve?

  2. What is the experience like for the consumer?

  3. What mediums (or software) will this project incorporate?

  4. Is there an e-commerce or transactional element?

  5. Will there be an automation component?

  6. What unique content will need to be generated?

If you aren’t clear on your project concept, or you don't yet have a project and just need help getting started, don’t hesitate to schedule a time with a MyMarketingPass coach to work through elements, goals, and functionality.

  1. Content: Marketing systems are built to deliver a message, and at the end of the day, it’s your content, not your technology, that will carry that message and influence your customers' behavior. Your content includes all of the words your consumer will see and the visuals that accompany them. This can include but is not limited to:

  1. Text for the website portion of the project

  2. Visuals for the website portion of the project 

  3. Texts / emails for follow-up automation

  4. Visuals for texts / emails, such as deliverables or resources for download

Content is often considered the most difficult portion of projects, but with MyMarketingPass it doesn’t have to be like that… If you have rough ideas that you want to be flushed out or built upon, Sales Guy is always happy to assist. Create a document with your notes in their most current state and submit a ticket with the link to have Lucky (that's Sales Guy!)  take it to the goal-line for you.

If you don’t have any rough ideas, just explain your thoughts in a new writing ticket and we’ll even help you get started. No matter what stage your content is in, MyMarketingPass can help. That’s what we do!

  1. Construction: Includes the programming, the coding, the testing, the troubleshooting, and all things functional your project needs... The construction stage can be scary for the uninitiated, but it comes together before you know it. With the right know-how, that is. :)

  1. Building the needed web assets

  2. Constructing the automation

  3. Installing and programming plug-ins

  4. Integrating the necessary software

  5. Loading the content

  6. Testing

These steps come in sequence, but that doesn't mean you have to know every step before you start. Sometimes you may have the concept worked out, but you need our help with the content and construction. Sometimes you aren’t clear on the concept but you are confident in creating the content itself. By planning the project clearly, nothing will fall through the cracks. 

Wherever you are, don’t stay stuck. Help is always just a request away…

The more important the project in progress, the more critical it is to stay organized and keep from letting important pieces fall through the cracks. Stay vigilant and keep marketing!

Lucky’s Pro Tip: Before starting on a project, consider creating a shared workspace where you can map these specifics and update with notes as things develop. This can be a simple Google Doc in your MyMarketingPass Strategy Folder or even in a project manager like Trello.

In this project workspace, you can even add MyMarketingPass ticket numbers as they are requested and cross them off or remove them after they are complete. This is an easy way to have TOTAL project management power!