What you do isn't right for everyone on the planet. Your "Target Audience" is a group of people who share particular traits that make them the best fit for your particular offer.

These traits include factors rooted in Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioristics, Geographics, and will all be used to define the specific market segment who you are looking for as a group. The clearer this portrait of your Target Audience is defined, the easier it is to create the right message, in the right place, with the right Call to Action to get them to say “Yes!”

Demographics: Who are they? 

  • How old are they?

  • What is their predominant gender?

  • What’s their occupation or Job title?

  • How much do they make a year?

  • Married or Single?

  • Do they have kids? What age?

  • Where do they live?

  • What’s their level of education?

Psychographics: How are they?

  • What groups are they a part of?

  • What are their values?

  • What are their political affiliations?

  • Do they have a spiritual affiliation?

  • What books / Authors / Gurus do they follow?

  • What media do they consume?

  • What blogs or websites do they frequent?

  • What kinds of pages do they like on Facebook?

  • Where do they hang out in person or online?

Behavioristics: What's their life like?

  • What are their goals as they relate to what you do?

  • What are their challenges?

  • What are their pain points?

  • What role do they play in the purchasing process?

  • Is there a “triggering event” that qualifies them for your service?

  • Are there possible misconceptions they may have about the situation?

Remember: Not all of the people you can serve will fall into your specific target audience, but defining who you are BEST fit to serve will help you find more of the best consumers of what you do. 

To access the MyMarketingPass Target Audience planner, all you have to do is click here and make a copy of it to your own drive so you can start working on it! :)

Lucky’s Pro Tip: 

It’s a common misconception that businesses have Target Audiences when in reality it is the offers that have the closest relation to an audience. For best results, consider completing a target audience study for each individual product, offer or service your business provides. Remember, you have different offerings for a reason, the things that make that offer right for the people who buy it also distinguishes them from the larger audience you serve. Learning from those differences can often improve the potency of certain types of messages.